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Have an e-mail list? Did you know that laws have recently changed that may affect your list. The Can Spam Act recently passed by Congress forbids sending certain types of email. Also it requires that existing lists conform to certain standards.  Although the law was designed to control spammers, it affects anybody with an e-mail list.

This website is designed to provide a way for sending your list without being in conflict with the law. It is designed for small lists for those who want to get the word out to their members or subscribers. 

We provide a way for you to send you list without the hassle of subscribing and unsubscribing addresses. Our system allows those interested  to subscribe and unsubscribe themselves securely and almost instantly.  The system is acceptable to almost all Internet Service Providers as well as meets, and even exceeds, the regulations required by the Can Spam Act.

If your list is handled improperly the result can be loss of your internet service, closing of your website, fines, and possibly imprisonment.  

What does this system cost? Our packages start at $60.00 for one year. This allows up 120,000 e-mails to be sent during the year. In other words it is only $60.00 for the year, or 120,000 e-mails, whichever comes first.  There is also a one time setup fee of $50.00. 

We will have more information here as we continue to build this website. But if you would like more information about our service please e-mail or call us at 877-658-4631.

If you would like to subscribe to, or unsubscribe from, or just browse through one of our existing lists please click here.

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